Cocaine Addiction in Pearland, TX

Our rehab for cocaine addiction in Pearland offers treatment that is at the cutting edge of modern addiction science, and offers compassionate care.

Whatever you may call it -- cocaine, snow, coke or blow -- it's one of the most dangerous of various commonly used party drugs. Whether you only have a regular relationship with the drug or are completely addicted, you aren't alone. You are among nearly 2 million current users of the drug in the country, and you have your pick of several excellent sources of help. Yet, if you're like many cocaine users, your habit embarrasses you, and you want to hide it when it comes to trying to quit.

You may feel too embarrassed to admit use, even to rehab professional, believe that rehab simply doesn't help, or may believe that your level of use is too mild to require treatment programs in Pearland. It's important to realize that you'll never know for sure, until you actually try a truly professional rehab.

Quitting Is Difficult and Dangerous

If you fantasize about quitting on your own with no rehab help, the reason is simple -- you're probably underestimating the complexity of the challenge before you. Cocaine addiction recovery is about more than staying strong in the face of terrible cravings. You should know that willpower only stands intact when your reason stays with you.

Cravings are as powerful as they are because they change the way your mind works. While you may believe in quitting cocaine when you're free of cravings, you will inexplicably begin believing in continuing use once the cravings hit. It can be hard to use willpower.

There are other reasons why quitting at home doesn't work. If you're like most addicts, your tendency towards substance abuse comes from a background of psychiatric illness and psychological inadequacy. Unless you put in a lot of hard work into treating your illnesses and problems, you will simply have no foundation on which to build your successful escape from cocaine.

Before you get to the part where you rebuild, however, you need to first face cocaine detoxification. The withdrawal symptoms, by themselves, can be painful enough to discourage most from trying, or from succeeding if they do.

From psychological symptoms such as anxiety, depression, delusions, hallucinations and anger, to physical symptoms such as seizures, cardiac irregularity and stroke, withdrawal can simply overwhelm. Quitting cocaine by yourself simply isn't a good idea.

Choosing Inpatient or Outpatient Rehab?

Considering the risk involved in facing the symptoms related to cocaine withdrawal alone, doing so at rehab makes a lot of sense. You do need to decide how much help you need, however.

Outpatient rehab can be the right way to go about certain kinds of mild, short-lived addiction. Cocaine, however, is different. The withdrawal symptoms tend to be risky, and the cravings extremely powerful. Most rehabs do not even offer outpatient treatment for cocaine addiction in Pearland; the complications can be too great to allow it. For cocaine, our inpatient rehab in Pearland offers the best shot at sobriety.

What You Should Look for in a Cocaine Rehab

Intake and evaluation: It should last two or three hours. The rehab's intake team should evaluate you for your physical, mental and psychological health, and assess the nature of your addiction. There should be more than one expert on the intake panel.

Individual programs: A great deal changes from one patient to another, and programs need to be tailored to the needs of each individual patient. Not only do medications and psychiatric treatment plans need to be tweaked to the individual patient, entire treatment plans need to be made suitable for each patient, as well. It isn't unusual for rehabs to develop a treatment plan for any one addiction, and apply it willy-nilly to patients of other addictions. It's important to make sure this doesn't happen.

Detailed records: Not only does a thorough system of record-keeping help ensure that details are noted and never forgotten, it helps you make sure that you rehab cares to look at the big picture. Ask about their record-keeping.

Therapy: Addiction occurs for various reasons, and it is an important part of rehab to uncover those reasons and address them. This occurs in special therapy, and any cocaine addiction rehab center needs to be very focused on this treatment form.

Our center for cocaine addiction in Pearland, TX, is one of the most advanced in the region, and follows strictly evidence-based treatment protocols. If you find it hard to believe that our experts could help, you should come visit us. We'll show you how modern medical science takes the pain out of your addiction to cocaine. Call us now at (877) 804-1531.

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