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If you have a loved one in the grip of such an addiction, you know how hard it is on both the addict and on everyone else in the family. A long-term addiction to alcohol or drugs can have devastating effects on the addict's physical and mental health. If you haven't acted to bring the addict in your life to rehab before, or if you have, but the addict has relapsed and gone back to addictive behavior, you need to take decisive action to bring them to the best possible care immediately. At our inpatient rehab in Pearland, we help explain to the families of patients, how in complex cases, intensive, attentive treatment at a residential facility offers the best chances of long-term recovery.

Getting off drugs, for such patients, requires a well-designed and rigorous system of detox, long-term therapy, psychological education, life skills education, and relapse prevention therapy, all delivered in the carefully structured environment of inpatient rehab.

Certainly, inpatient rehab for addiction is far more expensive than outpatient care; many treatment programs in Pearland run as long as a year. Not only does the added treatment cost more, the board and lodging adds a great deal to the bill, as well. If such expenses are to be worthwhile, it's important to get inpatient treatment only when it's needed. The indications below are a general guide to help you know when inpatient care may be worth it.

A failed prior attempt to quit drugs is an excellent indication of a need for inpatient rehab center. It's likely to indicate a vulnerable link somewhere along the way to sobriety that only the close attention of inpatient care can help.

Through both detox and the therapeutic interventions that follow, attempting to recover can be a very difficult time that requires close moral and emotional support. Such support is especially important for patients who have little motivation. Inpatient rehab is the right way to go when an addict hoping to go straight has no dependable home support network to lean on for help during the recovery period.

A complication that involves a physical illness or a mental disorder can make the recovery process very challenging, indeed. With a physical illness such as cirrhosis or cardiac dysfunction, specialists offering treatment need frequent opportunities to observe the patient.

It isn't much different with a mental disorder. It takes close observation and constant care by experts to guard against withdrawal symptoms, and to evolve a good, effective treatment plan.

Finding a Great Inpatient Rehab

Addiction inpatient rehab centers run the spectrum from very high quality, research-based programs to very expensive luxury retreats that offer little actual care, and dangerous, unscientific cult-based programs. There is a world of choice out there, and you need to know what to look for, in order to make the right choice.

Ask for a trial stay: High-quality rehab programs aren't easy to evaluate; there can be too many details to check out if you try to do it all before you check in. A three-day trial stay may be the best way to check out the vast number of variables at play -- the attitude of the staff, the amount of freedom that you get, the quality of the food, the amount of confidence the people there inspire, the level of engagement of the therapists, the willingness to tweak care for the needs of individual patients -- there are many areas. A chance to personally check things out can greatly help.

Ask about how the organization is run: Some rehabs take their care-giving more seriously than others. They keep meticulous records of their treatment plans, the actual treatment given and results seen. Such record-keeping helps show that a rehab is especially careful, and pays attention to its work. It's important to ask about policy on record-keeping.

A pain-care policy: Different rehabs adopt different policies to helping patients avoid pain through medical detox in Pearland. At our inpatient rehab in Pearland, TX, for instance, we pay very close attention to making sure that our patients are as well protected from pain and discomfort as current medical science will permit. Others offer a looser approach. The careful approach shows sensitivity and empathy to patients.

Finding high quality patient care is one of the best ways to ensure excellent chances of long-term sobriety. As much work as you can put into the search, you'll be paid back with improvements to the results that you get. Call on us at our inpatient rehab in Pearland, TX. We can help you see how it all works (877) 804-1531.

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