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Any rehab plan for drugs or alcohol must start with medical detox, a program that helps the patient through the pain of the detoxification process. Medical detox helps prevent or suppress the extremely unpleasant, and often dangerous, physical reactions seen when ending intense and habitual use of drugs or alcohol. As with any medical procedure, the degree of success achieved depends greatly on the artistry and expertise of the medical professionals on the job. At our medical detox in Pearland, TX, we offer our patients the most advanced, research-based drug and alcohol medical detox systems by highly trained professionals.

How Does Detox Feel?

Quitting an addiction requires that you go through a detoxification process -- tapering off drugs, and riding out the severe reactions experienced by the brain readjusting to functioning without these harmful substances. These reactions are known as withdrawal symptoms. Not only are these unpleasant, in many cases, they are dangerous.

With withdrawal from addictions to cocaine, alcohol and benzodiazepines, the symptoms can include seizures and cardiac arrest, as well. These tend to occur when addictions to these substances have lasted a long time.

Some people attempt to ride out the detoxification process on their own without medical detox in Pearland. For some highly motivated individuals, the terrible pain, extreme mental agitation and cravings that arise, last a week or longer, and prove to be a challenge that they are able to overcome.

This does not mean that it's a good idea to try DIY detox, though. In most people attempting this method, the symptoms get to be too painful, and they simply give up on the plan. An opportunity to quit drugs is no small matter, and it cannot be wasted.

It's also important to remember that the pain and discomfort of detox are more than mere inconveniences. The more pain, discomfort and dangerous symptoms that you experience, the more damage you do to your brain's ability to stay away from drugs in the long-term.

An attempt to take your detox into your own hands does not make any sense, either. You do need professional help immediately afterwards -- for therapy. Therapy, not detox, is the part where most of the hard work of rehab is done. It isn't something that you can do on your own.

Finding the Right Detox Approach

Many people attempting to quit their addiction for the first time go straight to an outpatient rehab for their detox. It tends to be affordable, and it isn't a demanding course to take. Outpatient programs usually offer quick, generic detox plans, and very little therapy, and require attendance for no more than a couple of hours at our drug rehab in Pearland each day for detox medications.

In some cases, outpatient detox does work. Addicts with very light, short-term addictions, and the motivation that they need, do succeed. Most addicts, however, are not as lucky. They tend to suffer from mental disorders, physical illnesses, and simply aren't mentally or emotionally together.

The generic detox programs offered in outpatient rehab don't do it for them. They don't receive the psychiatric treatment that they need, the medications on offer do not work for the physical illnesses that they battle, and they simply aren't able to motivate themselves well enough to go through the difficulties of detox. In any of these cases, a residential inpatient program tends to work far better.

At our inpatient rehab in Pearland we observe, study and assess our patients to develop tailor-made detox plans just for them. We offer close and friendly support through the entire time that they remain in detox to ensure that the pain situation is as well-managed as possible. Our therapy helps make sure that they are never tempted to give up.

The medical detox process may be only one part of the long path to getting off drugs. It's a very important process, however, one that gets you started off. It doesn't make sense to shortchange your own escape from drugs by doing it yourself or going to an outpatient treatment center for medical detox.

Putting in the best effort is what makes sense. Call us at our medical detox in Pearland, TX. We will be happy to talk to you about medical detox, and answer all your questions (877) 804-1531.

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